Amman Front

Amman front complex is located at the Airport Road Area, 4 km from the 7th circle and at the gate way to Abdoun corridor and with a land area 20000 sq. meters and a built up area 98500 sq. meters. The new complex aims to create a place to live, work and entertain in a planned urban environment that carries the following characteristics:
A State-of-the-art infrastructure, Improved access to the site, Attractive and animated life Open spaces, gardens for social gatherings, Environmental friendly structures and Buildings with a contemporary and distinctive architectural character.
The new complex at the Airport Road Area is meant to provide a distinguished multi-use functions with class-A services with an imposing 'sense of place'. The project consists of three buildings. These are:
A state-of-the art office building with a wide range of facilities. It would be more than a workplace; it will be a life style:
Outpatient Department for minor procedures accompanied with Transit residential class-A suites with catering facilities
Multi-storey duplex apartment building that enjoys Private roof, gardens, sky courts Security, Privacy, Luxurious setting, Contemporary facilities, and Underground parking 

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